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What it is: drills for skills and sport specific strength and conditioning for U14 and U16 basketball players

Basketball Shooting Skills Camp is a highly structured and disciplined training system executed in a 3-day camp format.  The camp format has been carefully constructed and formulated by top professional head coach Tom Johnson and top youth development coaches. A dedicated video analyst and a PhD in Sports Science and Sports Biomechanics will be on site during the camp. 

The camp system is based on individual skill acquisition of essential biomechanical and sport specific techniques involved in high level basketball performance.  

Stronger, faster and quicker.  Highly skilled and mentally tough athletes are taking their rightful position at the top level of their sport!

Parents are welcome and encouraged to observe the Camp in order to have an idea to support the development of their child-athlete.  Coach Tom Johnson and his staff will be available after each Camp day to answer any questions. 


Why come to Basketball Shooting Skills Camp? 

At Basketball Shooting Skills Camp top head coach Tom Johnson uses a unique camp system which focuses on teaching each participant how to become elite shooters through cutting edge drills, scientific video feedback and competitive shooting contests and evaluations.

Simply... the camp takes each participant through the “key” components of what the greatest shooters in the game are doing in their practice regiment.

Basketball Shooting Skills Camp works in small groups so shot development work is executed with the main focus of getting “maximum repetitions” for each participant at game speed assimilation.

Basketball Shooting Skills Camp will introduce cutting edge video software administered by a PhD in Sports Science and Sports Biomechanics which will enable the coaches to give each player essential biomechanical corrections on alignment, form and leg lift to allow the players to “visualize” and then feel his consistent shot pattern.  At Basketball Shooting Skills Camp we will teach you the difference between good and great!  This is a camp experience that you have never seen before!



Coach Ettore Messina - NBA and former top EUROLEAGUE coach:

“If you can make open shots off the catch with good efficiency and defend 1 on 1 situations... then you can make a 1st division roster as domestic euro player.”


Individual player development and evaluation at Basketball Shooting Skills Camp 

Basketball Shooting Skills Camp is a system of development and evaluation that is unique to Belgium. The system of teaching is strictly focused on "part method" analysis and the coaches will be giving constant feedback to each athlete during the exercise execution.  

Each camp is limited to an inscription of no more than 25 athletes; once the 25 positions are filled than there will be no more inscriptions available.  There will be coaches with a high level of expertise in their specific unit or station of instruction.  The ratio of 5-6 players to 1 coach ensures high level quality and extremely high attention to detail and correct execution of each task or fundamental, hence developing good habits.   

In order to be successful in training sport specifically, we feel it's vitally important to help teach players on how to:

  1. Motivate yourself each day
  2. Strive for excellence
  3. Give your coaches more than they expect in terms of effort
  4. Be the most positive and enthusiastic student of the game
  5. Commit yourself to constant improvement 

These are the skills that are the foundation of your athletic success. These are the skills you will learn at Basketball Shooting Skills Camp.


Sample of skills taught at Basketball Shooting Skills Camp

Catch and shoot technique:

  • Seated position (hips low)
  • Quick lift and form alignment
  • Follow through fluidity

Shots off modern non ball screen: 

  • 45 degrees away screen with turn out and rejection read options
  • Elevator screen with option reads
  • Flare screen with option reads 

Shots off ball screen:

  • Defense goes over and under option reads and attack
  • Teach how to center the screen and change space and speed
  • Teach separation and spacing necessary to get shot off vs tight defender


Codex-Camp Rules

In order to succeed in high level sport there must be a set of behavioral guidelines (Code) that you as a young developing athlete adhere to or live by. At Basketball Shooting Skills Camp, we believe this "Code" is a sacred bond between the player and the coach.  Therefore, we will foster an environment of structural discipline in which all of the participants must adhere to. This positive, constructive and enthusiastic atmosphere will be administered by our great staff of coaches. Discipline and mental toughness are the corner stones of being successful in basketball and life! 

Attention will be on:

  • Being on time
  • Sportsmanship
  • Pay Attention
  • Ask questions-participate-be proactive
  • Volunteer
  • Enthusiasm and Fun



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