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Ronnie McCollum

Ronnie McColum is an American professional basketball player. Ronnie has had a successful international career, but it was his collegiate career playing for the Centenary Gentleman basetball team between 1997–98 and 2000-2001 for which he is best known.

Ronnie holds a bachelor's degree in Health and Science Exercise.  He played for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Summer League. Between 2001–02 and 2009–10, McCollum played for seven different teams in five different countries, including China, Austria, Portugal, Cyprus and Belgium.

He won the Belgian 2nd Division league championship in 2008–09 and was named the season MVP, Guard of the Year and Import Player of the Year.  Ronnie also held the Belgian league season record of 88 three-pointers (2005) and led the Belgian league in three-pointers made [83] and second in three-point percentage (2007).



Ronnie McCollum

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