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Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson is a professional basketball coach who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in grassroots youth development.  Tom’s career as a former Canadian National Team Player, European pro player, NBA scouting consultant for OKC, then professional coach across six countries has firmly established his teaching and development philosophy.

Coach Tom is a highly motivated and disciplined professional, who aspires to teach and develop each player to new levels of success and personal achievements in his/her game.  His head-coaching career has had successful campaigns in both 1st and 2nd division European leagues. Because of his success, Tom continues to establish international relationships with professional basketball organizations.       

Tom’s philosophy of teaching, mentoring and development is applying a system of holistically integrated basketball skill acquisition and sport specific strength and conditioning.




Coach Tom Newell - FIBA Expert Instructor, former NBA Coach, USA Sports Ambassador, former WNBA Coach:

"Coach Tom Johnson is one of my favorite teachers in this global game... he understands each student athlete's strengths and weaknesses, and defines the discipline to change bad habits... if I were to choose a "model to follow" for my child in basketball, Coach Tom would be that person!!"

Rob Hennigen - General Manager Orlando Magic NBA:

“I've known Tom both personally and professionally for many years and hold him in high regard. He is a man of character and is incredibly hard-working and diligent. As a basketball coach, his teachings and communication style are very effective. Tom has an incredible knowledge of the game and demonstrates this through multiple avenues including individual skill development, basketball-specific strength programs and elite conditioning techniques. Tom is an expect instructor worthy of an FIBA certification. During my time working for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Tom assisted us with his coaching expertise during free agent mini-camps as well as our summer league roster.”

Pascal Angillis, Head Coach Spirou Charleroi:

"Coach Tom Johnson is one of the best there is when it comes to player development. His unparalleled knowledge of basketball fundamentals and how to teach them sets him apart from many coaches.

He is very detail oriented, and works relentlessly with his players to help them wrinkle out all the flaws they might have in their game.

Early work and late time, before and after practice is where not only he makes his players better, but also builds strong relationships with them.

His vast knowledge in the field of exercise science and biomechanics allow him to get the best out of the individual development of his players."



Tom Johnson

Technologielaan 9 - 3001 Leuven (Belgium)
T +32 (0)472 741 671

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